Inver Coaches Ltd, 31 Crosshill Rd, Raloo, Larne BT40 3EB

Basic COVID-19 guidelines for travelling with Inver Coaches Ltd.

***NOTE***  If you have ANY symptoms which could be COVID-19 related, please do not travel. Refer to guidelines, and remain at home.

Please refer to latest government guidelines, available HERE

School Transport

  1. No requirement is in place for face-coverings to be worn by children being transported to/from school.
  2. Our drivers & escorts will wear clear face visors, in order to limit any disruption to children, yet provide basic protection.
  3. Our buses/coaches will all be deep cleaned daily, with an additional regular disinfecting process via our new fog-based disinfection equipment.
  4. We’d ask that parents do not board buses when delivering children to be transported, remaining outside as children embark/disembark.
  5. Our school escorts will co-ordinate embarking/disembarking for children, and will liaise with school reps, or parents, to ensure safe & smooth handover of children.
  6. Hand Sanitiser will be available at the entrance to our bus/coach.
  7. Our escorts will be periodically wiping surfaces that children touch as they board, and travel on our buses, to limit the spread of any germs. This will be in addition to our exceptional cleaning of bus interior each day.

Regular bus/coach hire

  1. Face-coverings are mandatory for anyone over the age of 13yo.
  2. Reasonable exemptions apply, as per government guidelines, and we’d ask you notify our driver of this as you board.
  3. All our drivers will wear clear face visors for the duration of your trip. Please accept these will need occasional demisting, at the discretion of the driver, so you will see them removed for short periods.
  4. We will provide Hand Sanitiser as you embark/disembark, and we’d appreciate everyone using this.
  5. Embarking/Disembarking must be in a logical, organised manner, and we’d appreciate some space is given to the person in front of you.
  6. We’d ask all children are supervised, to limit any moving around on the bus while on-board.
  7. It’s important everyone remains in their seat, unless there is an emergency requirement, or a designated supervisor has to communicate with our driver.
  8. Luggage must be stowed safely prior to commencing any trip, and we’d ask this is not opened again until you’ve safely left the bus, unless an emergency arises.
  9. No eating or drinking is permitted on board, and all the usual no-alcohol & no-smoking rules apply. If someone has a diabetic or medical need, please inform the driver prior to commencing your journey.
  10. We’d ask everyone tries to understand the importance of ensuring a safe journey for everyone on-board, and accepts that each passenger has their own levels of concern. We find a little common courtesy goes a long way to making this a smooth process.
  11. Please direct any queries, or concerns, to your driver.

Thank you, and please stay safe. Your safety is our utmost concern.

Inver Coaches Ltd